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The first of its kind in the Philippines, Maharlika prepared a myriad of partnership opportunities across multiple platforms and channels. Our sponsorship opportunities range from pre-and-post race digital and social media exposures to race-day branding and on-site activation opportunities.

We would love to have you as a partner for Maharlika. For more information, send us a message at / 0945 850 2003.


Send us a message at / 0945 850 2003. for all media inquiries. We would be happy to provide you with press materials, race-day media access, interviews with representatives and athletes, and other available opportunities.


  • What is Maharlika?

    Maharlika is an all-new Filipino-inspired obstacle course race that will be set across different areas in the country, with familiar and unique obstacles that will challenge racers of all levels.
  • What is an OCR?

    OCR – or obstacle course race is a sport where the racer must run through the track and overcome the obstacles set across their path. Various races have varying obstacles so make sure you train and condition your body for the unexpected.
  • When is the race?

    It’s on May 31, 2020 (Sunday). Registration starts at 5am while first batch for gun start starts at 7am.
  • Where will this race be held?

    For the first course, aptly called Bakunawa, the race will be held at the Intramuros grounds with a starting and finishing point inside Fort Bonifacio.
  • How long is the course? How many obstacles will there be?

    The course across Intramuros will be 6 kilometers long with more than 20 obstacles along the way.
  • It’s my first time to join an OCR. Do I need to train?

    Our obstacles are designed to be manageable to everyone at all fitness levels – but we recommend doing some cardio and strength training to condition your body for the race. It’s always good to be ready.
  • What if I can’t finish an obstacle?

    Beginners are given the freedom to redo the obstacles until they reach the end – and as a community of spirited warriors, we encourage beginners to help each other out through the course. If you opt to skip the obstacle, you will need to do a penalty pass – but we’re sure you can do it!
  • What is a penalty pass/obstacle failure penalty?

    Failure to finish an obstacle will require the racer to perform a “RITWAL” – a set of 30 squat jumps (10 for the Mandirigma category) at a specific area near each obstacle cluster. Each ritwal will be closely monitored by obstacle masters at the given area, where proper performance and form should be observed.
  • I signed up for the Age-Group/Elite category. What if I can’t finish an obstacle?

    Both categories are considered as competitive and therefore will subject the racer to a full obstacle failure penalty. Find out more about the rules here[/faq_question].
  • Can I sign up for Age-Group/Elite even if I haven’t trained in a while?

    Of course, you can! Our obstacles are fit for everyone across all fitness levels. Although, signing up for the competitive categories will subject you to stricter obstacle rules and penalties.
  • How can I pay for my registration?

    We have multiple payment channels available for interested racers. If you have a debit/credit card that has a VISA or MASTERCARD chip, you may sign up directly on the website. If you don’t, a bank payment option is also available.
  • Is the race timed?

    For competitive categories like Age-Group and Elite, it will be timed. The race winners will be determined by their completion of the course and verified with the official time chip assigned to each racer. Beginners may take their time to finish the course, but are encouraged to challenge themselves and finish as fast as they can.
  • What time will the race start?

    The gun start varies across different categories. Racers registered under each category will be assigned their official gun start on race day. Make sure to check back on the website and our Facebook and Instagram pages (@maharlikawarrior) for official announcements.
  • What should I bring to the race?

    We know that the hardest part of any workout is showing up – so just bring yourself on race day! Your race essentials (including your bandana, time chip, etc.) will be given to you upon registration. Hydration stations will be spread across the course, but if you choose to bring your own water bottle with you, you are free to do so.
  • How much water should I bring?

    We understand that hydration is VERY important – so you may bring as much as you choose to. But remember that you will be carrying this weight along the entire course. Don’t worry, though, we have hydration stations plotted across the entire course to make sure you are properly hydrated during the race.
  • How do I get to Fort Santiago?

    The start and finish of the race will be inside Fort Santiago. If you are making your way through a private vehicle, you may park at the designated parking lot for racers and visitors across Manila Hotel. E-trikes from Intramuros Administration will be assigned to ferry racers and guests to and from Fort Santiago and the parking area. If you are making your way via commute, you may consult the map below for suggested entrance and drop-off points:
  • Can I invite my friends and family?

    Of course, you can! Although they may only stay at the designated DIWANG grounds, they will be able to witness your glory through a live broadcast of the race. There’s enough to do for everyone – as our partner merchants and activities are available inside Fort Santiago.
  • I haven’t decided if I want to race yet. Will there be an on-site registration?

    Although we encourage everyone to book their slots ahead of time, we will also provide an area where interested racers may buy their passes to the race. Take note that the on-site registration is for a limited number only, and the booth can only sell passes up to ONE HOUR before gun start.
  • What do I get for finishing the race?

    Each racer who successfully finishes the race will receive their well-earned finisher shirts and medals, all enclosed in a neatly packed drawstring bag. This exclusive merch is for finishers only so wear them proud!
  • Is there a cash prize?

    For the Age-Group and Elite categories, there will be. The top finishers will be given a cash prize and trophies for their victories!
  • What can we expect after the race? Will there be a place to change clothes?

    We know you’ll get dirty and sweaty after the race. Don’t worry, we’ll have a designated area with running water and changing corners for you to freshen up before you join the post-race festivities!
  • My family and friends will be there. What can they do?

    During the race, we’ll have a live broadcast of the race at the DIWANG grounds. They may also enjoy learning sessions, recovery areas, and food and drink options all inside Fort Santiago.
  • For the Age-Group bundle, would it matter if we’re a mix of male and female racers?

    For this specific bundle, male and female racers may join together to purchase as long as everyone is under the same age group.
  • What is your refund policy?

    For requests and inquiries, please email us at and we’ll attend to you shortly.