Why Intramuros

More than just an iconic landmark of Metro Manila, Intramuros holds its place as the conveyor of our history and our culture. Its stone walls held witness to a myriad of events in our past, and continues to serve as an avenue for new stories to be told – for today and for the generations to come.

Part of this new armada of stories is Maharlika: the first and only all original Filipino-inspired obstacle course race created to revive the stories of the great Maharlika warrior – and in choosing where the first race should happen, the only place best suited for the birth of this new era is right at the heart of the country’s capital city.


Set across 6 kilometers and more than 20 obstacles, the Bakunawa course is a legendary story told through an obstacle course race.


With a mix of over 20 familiar and original obstacles, both neophyte warriors and experienced elites will find Maharlika to be fun yet challenging. In the path of becoming a true Maharlika, proper preparation in both mind and body is required.



Whether you’re new to obstacle course racing or an experienced warrior, you’re welcome to take on the challenge - with three difficulty levels available, all conquering the same course.


the agimat

Run with honor, conquer with strength, and receive your badge of pride – the Agimat is a uniquely designed finisher medal for all race finishers. Complete three races to form the complete Agimat as your badge of honor for being a Maharlika.