Whether you’re new to obstacle course racing or an experienced warrior, you’re welcome to take on the challenge - with three difficulty levels available, all conquering the same course.


For the neophyte racer, ready and willing to begin their epic journey towards becoming a Maharlika. This category places racers together in one cluster, all working together to conquer the course. If you’re new to obstacle course racing or haven’t even tried it yet – this is the perfect experience for you.


For the experienced racer who is ready to compete with his own tribe. This category divides racers in separate age groups to compete on who will finish fast and strong. Only one will truly conquer the course and emerge victorious.


For the legendary racer who can easily conquer the course against his fellow man or woman. This category divides the group by the gender, where one of each will be recognized as the ultimate legendary Maharlika of their kind.

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