Set across 6 kilometers and more than 20 obstacles, the Bakunawa course is a legendary story told through an obstacle course race.


With a mix of over 20 familiar and original obstacles, both neophyte warriors and experienced elites will find Maharlika to be fun yet challenging. In the path of becoming a true Maharlika, proper preparation in both mind and body is required.


All racers can and will be given verbal and written instructions before the race itself. These instructions may be obtained through a pre-race briefing given verbally by the Race Director on-site on race day, or through assigned obstacle masters at the area of a specific obstacle.

Each obstacle has a specific ruleset employed by obstacle masters assigned at each obstacle. Failure to comply with the obstacle’s given ruleset will subject the racer to an obstacle failure penalty.

Some instructions can and will be posted on this space of the website and Maharlika’s social media assets. Not all obstacles that will appear on the race itself will be posted. So, make sure you train for the unexpected before race day – as all warriors do.

Make sure to be on the lookout for developments on this space and on our social media @themaharlikawarrior.


Failure to finish an obstacle will require the racer to perform a “RITWAL” – a set of 30 full squat jumps (10 for the Mandirigma category) at a specific area near each obstacle cluster. Each ritwal will be closely monitored by obstacle masters at the given area, where proper performance and form should be observed.